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You know that your gum health is just as crucial as that of the status of your teeth, but what else should you know about gum diseases?

Gum Disease Treatment

While everyone is at risk for gum diseases despite the age and sex, there are certain groups who are at higher risk for the development of periodontal diseases compared to other groups of individuals. If you want to find out if you are naturally prone to gum diseases, then check the list of risk factors:


People who smoke are at higher risk of gum diseases. The reason for why this is so has to do with the fact that certain chemicals in cigarette actually cause plaque to stick more tightly to the surface of the person’s teeth compared to those who do not smoke at all. Given the fact that the etiologic agent of gum diseases come from plaque, an increased level of plaque which is much harder to remove naturally leads to increased risk of gum disease.

Hormone Fluctuations

Women are at higher risk for gum diseases because of the fact that they go through certain hormonal fluctuations as a natural part of their menstrual cycles, as well as pregnancy. The increase in the level of certain hormones lead to more sensitive gums which are more prone to gum diseases.


Just like with other microorganisms, when there is an increased level of food supply in the person’s system, the microorganisms are given more incentive to multiply, and when there is an increased population of oral pathogens, your gums become more susceptible to infection. At the same time, individuals with diabetes also have compromised immune systems which make them less able to ward off infections those affecting the gums.

Immune Diseases

People who have certain immune diseases, such as those with HIV, are more prone to developing gum diseases because of their crippled immune systems. The immune system is responsible for fighting of infections and if the immune system has shut down, a person is at risk for even the simplest diseases.


Certain individuals have to take medications which will help to shut down the immune system. This is the case for people who have just received transplanted organs as well as those with autoimmune diseases. Through the action of these drugs, the person will lose the proper mechanism to be able to fight off infections including gum diseases.


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