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Whenever you bring your child to the dentist, there are two things that can happen — your child may sit perfectly still and the visit would go through without any complications, or your child might be kicking and screaming the entire time. While you would wish for your child to behave in the first manner that has been described, there is a more likely chance that your child would be screaming his or her lungs out throughout the entire appointment. This can be the start of a dental phobia which can affect your child’s relationship with the dentist and dental health in general. Having a sedation dentist in Huntersville NC, Dr Langdon, can be a viable alternative

Dental Sedation for Children

In the same way that adults who have been scared of going to the dentist can avail of various sedatives, children can also make use of sedatives in order for them to feel more relaxed during these traumatic visits to the dentist. While the use of sedatives on your young child might concern you, sometimes sedation is the only way that your Dr. Langdon can carry out the procedure safely. When your child is always twitching and moving, it can be very difficult for the dentist to be able to isolate the tooth that needs treatment and do the actual procedure. At the same time, sedatives can also put your mind at ease especially if your child is going through a rather invasive procedure.

Children who are older may benefit from oral sedatives which will enable them to be conscious throughout the entire procedure. Some of the drugs which dentists often prescribe to older children include Vistaril and Versed. On the other hand, children older than six years old but aren’t old enough to receive oral sedatives can make use of nitrous oxide. For even younger children, conscious sedation may not be viable because even with their sensations numbed, this does not stop them from moving about. In that case, deep sedation may be the only recourse.


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