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Part of being a woman is the inevitability of getting pregnant. This phase is one of crucial stages in a woman’s life where taking care of their health is does not only impact them but also ensures the proper growth of the baby that’s growing in the womb. If you are expecting or are thinking about getting pregnant in the near future, there are a few dental concerns that you have to be aware of. Not all of the procedures are safe for the mother and the child. So better be careful.

During the process called pregnancy, everything that you eat is being shared to your baby and this includes all the minute levels of vitamins and minerals. So if you aren’t that particular with your diet while there is that growing bun in your oven, there is a big chance that you will have a weaker immune system which will make you and your baby more prone to infection, brittle bones that can lead to structural problems with the growing child, and poorer oral health. Some women who are pregnant usually forget the importance of their oral health being preoccupied only by their general health, which usually leads to an assortment of teeth and gum issues during this critical time. The rule of thumb is that if you are having any issues with your teeth or mouth no matter how minor they may be, see your dentist as soon as you can.

However, as mentioned earlier, there are some common dental procedures that cannot be performed on pregnant women. These procedures, especially the tooth extraction, can be very painful and stressful which can lead to complications such as hemorrhaging. Bleeding is a very common complication among pregnant women because their blood flow increases by 30 to 50 percent when expecting. And because women tend to lose huge amounts of blood during delivery, it’s wise to steer clear of any kind of bleeding episode early into the pregnancy.

The increase in a woman’s blood flow when pregnant may also lead to the condition called gingivitis. Mild inflammation is the hallmark of gingivitis ad if you notice that you’re sporting red and tender gums, you might be having pregnancy gingivitis. This is normal though and will resolve itself once you’ve delivered. However, this condition might attract bacteria to remain in your gums and cause another gum inflammation but this time due to microbial infection. To prevent any of this from happening, it is important that you keep your mouth clean by regularly brushing your teeth and using mouthwash to remove any bacteria-laden plaque.


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