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Injuries to your teeth and mouth are things which you may encounter within your lifetime. While you’re probably more protective of your pearly whites, surveys have shown that it is the soft tissues in your mouth which are the most vulnerable to injuries. At the same time, playing sports is one of the most common causes of having mouth injuries. In fact 40 percent of injury cases occur while one is playing sports.

Should a mouth tragedy strike, Dr. Langdon in Huntersville, NC wants you to know there are ways that you can handle them:

1. Chipped or cracked teeth

When your tooth suffers a fracture, regardless of whether you just have crack or if a section of it has completely been severed, you have to understand that there is now an opening which leads to the pulp portion of your tooth. This opening could serve as a channel for bacteria and other pathogens to get into the heart of your tooth and cause a full-blown infection.

So the first thing you have to do is to make sure that the tooth is clean by gargling with warm water. After doing that, head to Tate C. Langdon to get the tooth fixed. Make sure that you have the cracked off section with you so that Dr. Langdon can reattach it. And if your mouth starts to swell, you can apply cold compress.

2. Knocked out teeth

This is the worst case scenario of mouth injuries but Tate C. Langdon can actually reattach your tooth as long as you are able to get to Dr. Langdon’s office within an hour of the tooth being knocked out. Rinse your mouth very gently with warm water to remove any dirt and rinse the tooth by placing it under gently flowing tap water. You can replace the tooth back to its socket while you make it to the Dr. Langdon’s office or you may place it in milk during the transport. The latter is best for kids since there is a huge chance that they might swallow the tooth. After an hour has elapsed, the chance of a successful reattachment drops considerably.

3. Bleeding tongue or cheeks

Any trauma to your mouth can cause bleeding, however, as long as you do not have any known clotting disorders, the bleeding show naturally stop on its own within a couple of minutes. You may apply a cold compress to lessen the swelling and to also stop the bleeding, making sure to apply enough pressure. However, if the bleeding does not stop after doing these things, head to the ER of the nearest hospital.

If you suffer tooth trauma, call Dr. Tate C. Langdon in Huntersville, NC immediately and their capable staff will schedule an appointment as quickly as possible.


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