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Dentist in Huntersville, NC

Dentist in Huntersville, NC

While cosmetic dentistry procedures are considered elective, the impact that a simple teeth whitening procedure can do to a person can be extremely profound. We are able to show our self-esteem or exude confidence with a single flash of our pearly whites. So naturally, it’s excruciating to have to keep your smile in just because you have less than perfect teeth.

Choosing the Right Procedure for You

With the help of technology, more and more cosmetic dentistry procedures are being introduced year in and year out. However, the basic cosmetic procedures still remain to be whitening, bonding, contouring, crowns and veneers. If you think that you are in need of a smile makeover, then it’s best that you consult your dentist first. A professional will be able to assess exactly what type of procedure is necessary for correcting any problem you may have with your teeth.

Once your dentist has suggested all the procedure which would be appropriate for correcting your dental problem, try asking the following questions so that you can have a clearer grasp of what that specific procedure is all about and how it will change your teeth:

1. How will the procedure change my smile?

It’s important that you get your expectations all clear right from the very beginning. Sometimes, ads can paint very unrealistic expectations about a certain procedure, making it seem like one procedure is a cure-all for every smile problem you have. When you know exactly what a certain procedure can do including its limitations, you can choose wisely whether it’s something you really need or whether it really addresses the problem you have with your smile.

2. What will the course of treatment be like?

While a procedure may address your problem square on the nail, you may not have the time required to see the treatment through. For instance, getting veneers require more than a trip to the dentist while crowns and bonding procedures can be done within just one day.

3. What kind of maintenance is required for the procedure?

In order to prolong the life of whatever work you had done, it’s only expected that you submit yourself for maintenance. You may decide that a procedure is not for you if it requires a lots of maintenance work which you do not have the time or resources to support.

In choosing a cosmetic dentist, make sure that you check out his or her portfolio including before-and-after photos of previous patients. At the same time, ask your friends and family for any dentist they can recommend. Lastly, look around for proof of continuing education. A good dentist always stays on the top of his game and that involves continuing education.


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Dentist in Huntersville, NC

Dentist in Huntersville
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