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Dentists recommend that individuals should have at least two dental check-ups per year. But if you are part of the majority of Americans, then you only visit Tate C. Langdon in Huntersville, NC whenever there’s something ailing you. But if you think that the only reason why Dr. Langdon wants you to book an appointment frequently is so that he can have the pleasure of billing you, you might actually save on going to these dental check-ups compared to not knowing that you actually have a hidden cavity which can soon balloon into a full-blown decayed tooth. Here are some of the things that you can expect Dr. Langdon, our Dentist in Huntersville NC, to do during these visits:

1. Clean your teeth.

While brushing your teeth is something you can do on your own, you still need professional dental cleanings from Tate C. Langdon in Huntersville, NC at least once every six months. This is because it’s very difficult for a person to get rid of all the plaque and some degree of tartar will accumulate after just a couple of months. Since tartar is toxic to your gums, these accumulations can lead to the development of gingivitis, which can progress to periodontitis. Tartar is a very hard. mineralized substance and can only be removed through a professional dental cleaning from Dr. Langdon.

2. Detect cavities.

A tooth that is a dark stump because of the extensive decay used to be a tooth with just a small cavity. However, when you allow the cavity to deepen and burrow all the way into the pulp region, then you’re courting serious dental trouble. The problem is that it’s very difficult for you to detect the presence of cavities on your own since they are microscopic. On the other hand, Tate C. Langdon in Huntersville, NC can find out if you have any cavities with the help of a professional oral assessment.

3. Diagnosis of gum diseases.

Your gums are just as important as your teeth. In fact, you can lose all of your teeth, even the healthy ones, if you do not take care of your gums well enough. Gingivitis is the milder classification of gum disease, but this condition can progress to periodontitis, which involves the inflammation of not just the gums but also the underlying ligaments and bones. Ultimately, periodontitis leads to teeth loss. To prevent anything of that scale from happening, it’s important for Tate C. Langdon assess your gums from time to time. Gingivitis is easily treated as long as the disease is diagnosed promptly.

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Dr. Tate Langdon and his staff are absolutely remarkable. Melinda and Lauren at the front desk always give a warm welcome right when you walk in the door. These ladies also, leave kind voicemails to remind you of your appointments. My hygienist Lauren is so attentive and helpful. Lauren always answers my questions and makes my teeth sparkle. Dr. Langdon is gentle, thorough, and will lead you in the right direction for dental care needs with integrity.

-Madolyn S.

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Dentist in Huntersville, NC

Dentist in Huntersville
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