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Huntersville Dentist | Seemingly Harmless Drinks Which Can Endanger Your Teeth

Dentist in Huntersville, NC

Dentist in Huntersville

When it comes to taking care of our teeth, the only rule that we really know of is to stay away from candy. But is that the only thing that could endanger our oral health or are there other dental threats lurking out and about?

Sports Drinks

No game of basketball or any other sport could ever be complete without chugging down an entire bottle of sports drinks. And it seems like these energy drinks are fast becoming a staple in our lives what with individuals living very hurried and hectic lifestyles these days. But while these drinks are able to pump back energy into our systems, they are also loaded with acids and sugars.

The problem with the high acid content of sports and energy drinks is that they can erode the enamel of teeth. The enamel is an important protective layer of our teeth which prevents substances from gaining entrance into the very heart of the tooth – the pulp. But when you down an entire bottle of energy drink, the acids slowly eat away at the enamel which can create cavities and slowly lead to tooth decay.

And if you think that you can brush away the harmful effects of energy drinks, think twice. Once your teeth has been doused with all that acid, the enamel turns into a soft, permeable material and brushing your teeth when the enamel is at this state will only increase the layer’s erosion.

Juice Drinks

How could juice drinks ever be bad for your teeth when they contain vitamin C, the substance which is responsible for the protection and repair of connective tissues which includes your gums? The same way that sports drinks are harmful for your enamel – sugars and acids.

Citrus fruits naturally contain acids which can eat away at the enamel of teeth but while eating an orange a day won’t really hurt your oral health, it’s a different matter if you decide to drink up the fruit. In its liquid form, acids will be able to surround your teeth and penetrate into the deeper layers which they could cause all havoc. This is unlike eating fruits because the exposure of your teeth to these acids is limited.

Now how about sugar? Commercial juice drinks are filled with so much added sugar which serves as a wonderful food source for bacteria found inside your mouth. So on top of juice slowly eating away your dental enamel, it also transforms your mouth as a perfect environment for harboring cavity-causing bacteria.


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Dentist in Huntersville, NC

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